This company has been established as a result of a number of current sports coaches asking for work due to varying reasons. I personally did not want to see quality coaches being lost into various states of employment/unemployment when their best position is working with children.

All the work would be guaranteed, we will only employ coaches I have personally seen in a school environment and believe have what it takes to work with young people.

JD mug Jon Davis Company Director
11EB9D73-A7FE-4A5D-B354-EF7486A0A748 Kerry Harvey Senior Coach
572194AA-E10F-481C-9C54-8E91AC63E220 Sharon Milner Coach
752C66DB-AB48-4B38-9C10-FEF9ACDEBDF7 George Groody Coach
Gemma Gemma Adcock Coach
F015242F-7E12-4CFE-AB12-A0309FC682DC Jarrad Cave Manager
Lewis Lewis Davis Coach
SA Shaun Adams Coach
556118FE-C63C-452D-975D-44AA97B1E64A Kaylam McLaughlin Apprentice