This qualification is designed to provide benefit to you through the skills and knowledge required to enable you to understand participants and their needs, develop your knowledge of multi-skills development in sport and prepares you to demonstrate practical coaching skills in the context of the fundamentals of movement, fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills. The qualification is composed of three mandatory units.

The qualification is recognised as the industry standard level 2 qualification for multi-skills development in sport by sports coach UK. It is also recognised by and has the support of a range of providers including FE colleges.


The qualification is designed to provide qualified coaches with an introduction to the processes and principles of supporting child development through multi-skills. This will include understanding how to support child development through multi-skills via the practical coaching of linked and progressive multi-skills sessions.

Prior to registration you are required to:

  • be at least 16 years of age

Hold or be working towards a minimum of a QCF accredited Level 2 sports specific coaching qualification or recognised equivalent, such as:

  • Level 2 Award in the Principles for Coaching Sport (QCF)
  • Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport (QCF)
  • Level 2 cetificate in Multi-Sills Development in Sport
  • 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Learning in Physical Education and School Sport (QCF)
  • QCF accredited Gym Instructor qualification
  • QTS + Physical Education specialism
  • BSc Degree in Sports Coaching (inclusive of practical delivery)
  • or other equivalent based on individual application.

be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Prior to certification you are required to be 17 years old

Why Study

This qualification leads to further learning or training in the area of coaching sport. This qualification may lead to paid or voluntary roles relating to coaching multi-skills.

The skills and knowledge developed through this qualification may also be used to enable you to progress to other industry-relevant qualifications in coaching other sports, activity leadership, supporting Physical Education in schools sport and sports development. You may wish to progress to the 1st4sport Level 3 Award in the Principles for Coaching Sport (QCF) qualification to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the principles for coaching


  • Day 1: Tuesday 26th May – 9:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Day 2 – Wednesday 27th May – 9:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Day 3 – Thursday 28th May – 9:00pm – 3:00pm including the Assessment