Here are some comments from parents:

“Have sent an email already thanking you. It was the highlight of the kids summer. I really liked how easy it was to book, plus how calm and confident all staff were. If only all the schools could react as sensibly! Thank you again and see you in another holiday club!”

“Thank you so  much for such a brilliant summer sports camp.   They came out happy and buzzing at the end of every day, having had an action packed day of fun with their new friends.  To quote them ‘it was the best fun’.”
I really appreciate all the extra work you had to put in both in advance and during the sports camp.  It was just what the kids needed after their lockdown experience.

“My children loved their time at the camps and the coaches were really great and supportive of them.”

“The staff were great. It was such a welcome joy to see the kids playing with others after not being able to go to school. Thanks for putting it together and thinking all the measures through.”

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