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PECS - PE Curriculum Support

Sustainable improvement in the quality of PE in your school


The PE Curriculum Support programme (PECS) is a sustainable and effective way for your school to use your Primary PE and School Sport Premium. The tailored work based programme uses mentors who help increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of your teachers in the planning, delivery and assessment of physical education.


PECS has been developed by Aspire Training Solutions and is recognised by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) as a programme that assures high-quality learning for teachers.


Mentoring Process


To help your staff grow both professionally and as individuals, the PECS mentoring process focuses on:


•Identifying your teachers individual needs

•Observing and mentoring delivery

•Setting goals and challenging your staff to move beyond theircomfort zone through their own personal development folder

• Reviewing progress and giving constructive feedback using a variety of teaching methods

•Demonstrating and teaching good practice

•Employing proven planning and assessment methods

•Coaching specific skills




Upon completion of the programme, your staff will be expected to be able to:


•Deliver high-quality PE lessons

•Have a through understanding and increased knowledge of the PE curriculum

•Set targets, monitor and assess the progress of your pupils in PE

•Differentiate lessons to enable pupils to fulfil their potential and make rapid progression


The Impact


We continuously measure and evaluate the impact that this programme has on your staff. This provides you with valuable evidence to demonstrate your Primary PE and School Sport Premium spend to Ofsted